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A New Hope is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal sanctuary in Houston, Texas that promotes animal rights by educating the community and offering opportunities for hands-on experience with animals. We offer a home to animals rescued from the exotic pet trade, non-releasable wildlife, and the victims of animal agriculture. At A New Hope, we believe all lives are created equally. We also believe the best way to share that message is by bringing the public closer to the animals that are exploited and abused. Education is essential. We believe that the next generation can be the generation to end animal cruelty, and that’s why we will work heavily with youth to grow a more compassionate culture. Through volunteer and donor support, we can build a place where animals can be safe and humans can learn kindness.


In addition to our own animal residents, we think it’s important to focus heavily on the animals we cannot save. What sets A New Hope apart from other sanctuaries is that our primary goal and purpose will go beyond creating a safe haven. Our goal is to educate the community and encourage positive societal change. This is why we will offer more programs and public interaction than other sanctuaries do. We think that tame and socialized animals benefit from attention and love as much as humans do, and the programs we offer will always be stress-free for the animals. 

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Grants Zebra

Hi! I’m Marty, Marty McFly and I am a Grants Zebra from the African woodlands and savanna. I was born in Texarkana and was sold at an exotic game auction when I was a baby. A person from Indiana bought me and took me to her petting zoo. I was kept in a small room with no windows in the cold Indiana winters. All summer I gave kids and grown ups pony rides. I was kept tied so I couldn’t move away. I’m not built to be ridden it hurts my small frame. I’m actually more closely related to a donkey than either of us are to a horse! My owner was dealing with a lot of USDA restrictions and decided I wasn’t worth the effort and gave me away. I didn’t know where I was going but there were lots of grapes on the ride 🍇 When I arrived at A New Hope I was finally able to run! I love spending my days watching my human friends and laying in the sunshine. My favorite food is peppermints! Come meet me on my terms 🦓


Brahman Steer

Helloooooooo! I’m Boba! I love life so much I’m always running and bouncing around. My favorite thing is cuddles and scratches oh and giving Rosey kisses! Please come give me scratches! 🐮



Hello, I am Geralt. I was saved from the kill pen by a kind man and then was brought to A New Hope. I like to go on walks around the block with my human companion and stand around looking awesome. I have magnificent hair that is brushed daily. I’m much bigger than everyone around here so I get my meals first. I’m loving all the attention I definitely deserve it 🐴


Mini Mule

Hi I’m Roach! Named after Geralt’s trusty steed in the Witcher. I follow around my buddy Geralt everywhere and never leave his side! I came from an abusive home where I was ridden very roughly and hit by riders way too big for me. I was being offered online as going to the kill pen when I was brought to A New Hope instead. Im still very shy because of my past but I’m starting to warm up to getting treats!


Boer Goat

HELLO! I am Billy! I am a Boer Goat or more often referred to as a “meat goat” 😟 I was raised in a Future Farmers of America community barn by two people I love so much I scream every time I heard them coming! I was going to be a show goat, but if I went I would be sold for meat at auction. The people who raised me couldn’t see me go like that so they called up A New Hope and brought me to my new home! My favorite thing to do is hang out with Kumo and Eevee my dawgs. Oh and bumping into people because I don’t understand personal space, I’m super clingy but it just means I love you! Come feed me some grain out of your hand!


White Fox

Hi, I’m Jasper I’m an Arctic Fox. I’m super shy but I’ll tell you a little about myself. I came from an exotic animal farm where I was kept in a tiny cage my whole life until someone bought me. No one did. I was taking up room for more desired animals so my owners wanted to get rid of me. I ended up at A New Hope where I could smell, see, and hear the outdoors for the first time! My favorite thing to do is wrestle with Leia! I can’t wait for my new ice room I’m getting built! you can help us build it by donating or volunteering! Come look at how handsome I am, but don’t touch me 😒


Arctic Fox

Hello! I’m Leia I’m 3 years old and was kept as a breeder by the coast. I wasn’t profitable because I couldn’t care for my babies. People only see me for my beautiful fur but that’s the problem you can admire a rose without cutting it. Just like you can admire me living my life without needing to take the fur off my back. Come see me and let me give you a sniff, be careful though I love to nip😬


Potbelly Pig

Hello there! I am Rosey! I was found being given away with my two babies and I could have ended up in a really bad situation. Chicago Pigland Rescue transported me to A New Hope where I can spend my days wallowing in my big mud pit and laying in the hay piles. I look huge, I know, but that’s just my body type. I am an exquisite looking lady thank you very much. I love treats so feel free to bring me a little snack when you visit!


Potbelly Pig

Hi I'm Mulch! I’m a little stand-offish at first but once I get to know you I’ll roll on my back for belly rubs! I was very loved by my family but I became a bit much to deal with and they brought me to live out my life alongside Rosey here at A New Hope!



Hello! Hi! Howdy! I’m Kumo my name means cloud ☁️ I am a Great Pyrenees puppy that was a left over from a backyard puppy mill. I was covered in fleas and really needed a bath and some cuddles! I am now the muscle around here I protect all my animal friends and I like to bug my smol sister Eevee! I may be big but I’m just a puppy so please don’t be mad if I try to jump I just get so excited to see people! But I’m learning so just please be patient with me when you visit and be ready for some dog smooches!



Hiya! I’m Eevee and I’m the OG rescue around here! I came from an Amish puppy mill where my parents stayed in cages their whole lives just to make more puppies like me. I had bad knees so I wasn’t worth anything to my breeders but I’m worth the world to my humans and animal companions! My favorite thing to do is greet all our visitors and lead them around the property. Kumo is my super annoying little brother but when we aren’t arguing I do like to sleep next to him ya know to make sure he’s safe he is my little brother after all.